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Frustrated that the game he was playing  couldn't change period length to what he wanted theJUMBOTRON was created and is the  brains behind the                             experiance.  We  completely give you a new game with-in your old game. Think of EA Sports meets your dads super fun arcade hockey game! This truly is NEXT LEVEL stuff! theJUMBOTRON comes with three  7" LCD's (yes they're bigger and better then you know who's!).  Size DOES matter with  this one,  and we didn't stop at just one LCD for each player... no we added one for the audience.  Fans you're welcome! 

theJUMBOTRON really gives you the feel and sounds of a hockey game at the same time, you get complete customization!

In our game you can costomize your own:
-Team Name                           -Goal Songs
-Logos                                        -Goal Horns/Videos
-Chants and Heckles         - the possibilities are endless with more coming.

Plus TOURNAMENT  MODE to have your own cup finals with up to 16 of your friends. 

Did we mention we keep team stats? Yes we do!  You will always know what your team record is and head to head records against other teams.  Giving you braging rights forever!!!

We also have downloadable content so you can add and share your own creations with the TOFHGYN community at theFORUM
click here to see a video about theJUMBOTRON
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